The papermakers at Kriebstein have a clear goal: Paper for the coming generations. At the same time with our recycled paper we take over social responsibility.

We know what it means to deliver outstanding quality. Our specialists continuously work on new fibre and paper products – coming trends and needs of our customers. This way the pioneers in Kriebstein help the entire industry.

„As well as a love for paper, we all have one thing in common: we know how to work hard.“

Sustainable premium quality doesn’t happen by accident. The exceptional people at Kriebstein mill make our unique products possible. Thinking differently, rolling up our sleeves and talking to each other are the cornerstones of our success - with short decision-making paths, lively entrepreneurship and committed specialists.

At Kriebstein, we keep people at the centre of everything we do. Customers and partners can always rely on us. We help and advise you throughout the entire process. As an independent manufacturer we think and act entrepreneurially, quickly and flexibly. Always following the principle: Producing sustainable paper also offers sustainable service. That's our understanding of quality.

We are always looking for the best possible solutions. And we always find them.

Career in Kriebstein

We’re looking for innovative thinkers, and we can offer them a great deal.

Kriebstein Paper Mill

Our innovative paper mill in Saxony – specialised in recycled paper.