Xect Alino  

Non wet strength standard label paper for non-returnable bottles, cans, jars and other container. Made of 100 % recycled
fibre which makes it premium sustainable solution – without any need for technical compromises.

Non wet strengths
100 % recycelt fibre
Reels and sheets
Soft Gloss & high dry opacity

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Xect Label  

Wet-strength and alkali-resistant label paper made from 100% recycled performance fibres. This makes them
the premium solution for returnable and non-returnable bottles – without the need for technical compromises.

Wet strength & alkaline resistant
100 % Recycled fibre
Roll and cut-size – richtig: Reels and Sheets
Soft Gloss & High Wet Opacity

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Performance Fiber  

Download the detailed specifications for our Performance Fiber here.

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